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The murder of Angus Sibbet in 1967 is now notorious in the history of British crime and is thought to be the basis of the film Get Carter starring Michael Caine.

This is a great story on many levels, It features police corruption, international organised crime, gambling, club land and a man whose successful but very naive life was changed forever on 5th January 1967, Michael Luvaglio. 


In a trial that concluded just three months after the crime had been committed a jury found the police’s only suspects Michael Luvaglio and Dennis Stafford guilty and they both received a life sentence. The case was the first gangland killing in the UK. 


For nearly 4 years UK based journalist, Neil Jackson has been investigating the case. He has filmed many hours of interviews with Michael Luvaglio and Dennis Stafford telling their story. Neil Jackson has been banned from making any Freedom of Information Requests about the case by Durham Police who sealed the file under the orders of the Chief Constable once they were informed of Neil Jackson’s intention to go to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Neil recently gave evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee on the case and is soon to have a question asked in the House of Lords about the case.


The case has caught the attention of many people, Mark Knopfler of 'Dire Straits' wrote the song 5.15 am about the murder, which he remembered rocked his home town in the North East when he was a young boy. Michael Caine also recalls how the case inspired the movie Get Carter as well as ex senior police officers, lawyers and family members.



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