David Pounds

Founder and CEO

David is an established content creator, he founded production/distribution companies TVF International and Electric Sky and is a former director of UK industry body PACT. He has extensive experience of the complex US and UK content markets, where he has established working relationships with broadcasters, VOD streamers, financiers and distributors. David is responsible for initiating over 400 hours of TV across all production phases, developing, pitching, finance raising, production and distribution. He has run production and development teams in the UK and US and has won Royal Television Awards, nominations for Emmy Awards and The Grierson Award as well as the winner of the coveted Lumiere Award from Martin Scorsese.

+44 (0)7710511482


International Representatives


Anne Roder-Botbol

Representative French and German Speaking Territories

Based in Paris, Anne has more than 20 years experience in distribution. She has worked at TVF International, Channel 4 International and DRG where as VP of sales, she focused on formats, drama remakes and factual sales.

David Alberada

Representative Spanish speaking and Latin America

Based in Barcelona David brings extensive experience of the Spanish and Latin American market.

 Fabiana Marashci

Representative for Italian Speaking Territories

Fabiana and the team at Videoshow based in Rome have long standing relationships the Italian and Swiss Italian broadcasters.