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The World's Fattest Man: A Love Story 

Paul Mason, once the world's fattest man, is on the verge of suicide. Filmed over five years this documentary sees Paul survive his first bariatric surgery, he loses 40 stone, 56 pounds or 24.45 KG. The skin is hanging off him and it is preventing him from living the life he imagined. With the UK's NHS declaring they cannot fund his skin reduction he cries out for help online. Rebecca from Boston contacts him and is determined to save him, Paul travels to the US to have skin reduction surgery In New York, with Rebecca's help he loses more weight and reaches 16 stone, 224 pounds or 101 KG. Rebecca and Paul fall in love and get engaged, although Paul's weight loss has been a great success, the demons that made Paul eat so much in the first place will not go away.

Format          Broadcaster               Definition
1 x 50             TLC                              HD

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