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Jimi Hendrix & The SpooK

1 x 90 1 x 50

4K   Deliver Q1 2020

As Jimmy James sat on the runway, waiting to take off from New York on September 24th 1966 he turns to his travelling companion and said “If I am going to England I want to meet Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page” “No worries there son, I know them both very well” answered Chas Chandler the bass player of British band The Animals.


As the wheels of the Pan Am flight left the ground on its way to London, Jimmy James, who would soon revert to his original surname of Hendrix, had no idea that his other travelling companion, a mysterious suited man wearing dark glasses, would become embroiled in a Jimi Hendrix murder enquiry four years later.


Almost fifty years on, The Animals and Jimi Hendrix not only remain top box office, the cause of Jimi’s death still remains an open verdict. No matter how imaginative the many stories that surround his death one fact is glaringly evident; none of the authors were actually there at the time or visited the region in England where it all began. The open verdict of Jimi’s death does not rule out murder, neither does it rule out suicide: this film reveals the secret history of Jimi’s manager and British spy Mike Jeffery and explores why he was the prime suspect in the Jimi Hendrix murder enquiries.

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