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Nature and Us 

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Presenter and non Presenter versions available

Nature and Us 3 x 60

In this ambitious new series art historian James Fox tells the story of our ever-changing relationship with nature through the lens of some of the world’s most extraordinary artworks. With the threat of climate change ever present, James argues that art can offer powerful evidence of human attitudes to the natural world throughout our history – from prehistoric cave art, to Assyrian sculptures, Zen gardens and romantic painting. Each tells us not only what we have thought about nature but what we have felt about it too. Tracing a unique journey through history, culture and nature, James shows how the art of the past can perhaps offer lessons for our future on this planet.


Alongside James’ revealing art analysis, the series features encounters with some extraordinary people from across the world - from India to the USA, Guatemala to Norway, Japan and New Zealand - each engaged in a different relationship with culture and nature each revealing how our past attitudes to nature remain with us to this day. And across each episode are illuminating insights from an eclectic range of thinkers – including Stephen Pinker, Chetan Bhatt, Melanie Challenger, James Wong and Kathy Willis.

Format          Broadcaster            Producer                  Definition
3x 60              BBC, ZDF/ARTE       KEO FILMS               HD

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