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Nature Culture and Us

A three part series for the BBC 2/ZDF/Arte delivering Q3 2021.


An awe inspiring journey through our changing relationship to nature, from prehistory to the present, told through some of the world’s greatest artworks. In the age of climate crisis, what can the story of human culture teach us about how we got here?

NATURE, CULTURE AND US is an ambitious, global exploration of the extraordinary ways that humans have tried to communicate the glory of nature and understand their place within it.

Through the lens of art and culture, it follows the entire span of human history and ideas, through mythology and religion, science and reason, combining box-set visual flair with compelling sequences, while boldly jumping across time-periods and geography. As the urgency of the climate emergency reaches crisis point, this genre busting journey across art, culture and nature will re-examine the past and search for lessons for how we might change the future...

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