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Presented By Bettany Hughes

The History of Mother Earth 1 x 50 

Climate change’s impact is forcing us to rethink our relationship with the earth. In this fascinating, unmissable film Prof. Bettany Hughes argues solutions can be found not just in the future, but in our global, ancient past. Exploring the worship of Gaia, Mother Earth, across Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Latin America, she discovers that the ancients honoured the earth as a sentient, intelligent organism who thought and judged and nourished, and destroyed those who disrespected her. Combining unique access to ancient discoveries with the revelations of cutting-edge science, Bettany proves the ancients got it right thousands of years before us.


In this stunning film with awe inspiring photography, mixed with animation & the latest NASA earth graphics, Bettany explores the many incarnations of Gaia, Mother Earth - nourisher of the planet, plants & children, giver of dreams, loving, wild & angry, personification of the Earth - through the ancient & modern worlds on a global scale. Getting literally right under her skin, she reveals there’s much we can learn from her to help save our planet today.

Format          Broadcaster   Producer                  Definition
1 x 50              BBC                    Sandstone Films    HD


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