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This is Sheila E!  1 x 60, 1 x 90

In the 1980’s, Sheila E. rose to international fame playing drums alongside Prince, who was one of her greatest musical collaborators and, for a brief time, her fiancé. Today, at age 63, despite the fact that many consider Sheila to be the best female drummer in the world, she has struggled to escape the inaccurate, widespread perception that Prince discovered and “made” her. For interviews we have on board: Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, Quest Love, Lionel Ritchie, Billy Cobham, Chaka Khan, Judith Hill and more to come.

Our film will introduce the world to the Sheila E.'s true story. Sheila Escovedo was a child prodigy who started playing the drums when she was just three years old and was touring the world with many famous artists by the time she was 15.

Sheila E. is an inspirational woman of colour who has overcome racism, sexism, sexual abuse, ageism and other seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to pursue her life’s passion, and her story will move and inspire audiences worldwide

Format          Broadcaster   Producer                  Definition
1 x 60/90        PBS                     Transform Films    HD


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