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Traces Of The Soul 


Traces Of The Soul   1 x 50, 90

Unlike text messages or e-mail, handwriting is an aspect of a person's identity. It carries something beyond literal meaning, something of the soul. For thousands of years the unique beauty of the hand-written word has developed and evolved through the art of calligraphy. ’Traces of the Soul’ explores this art form through the eyes of 12 contemporary calligraphers from across the globe. 
Featured Artists: el Seed, Jake Weidmann, Ghalamdar, Koji Kakinuma, Dia Batal, Zhao Yizhou, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Soraya Syed, Paul Antonio, Shinzan Miyamae, Karl “KOBE” O’Brien, Shoho Teramoto. 

Format      Broadcaster    Definition
1x50/80      Channel 4               HD

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