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Wind & Water 8 x 30 

Wind and Water is a new home and travel series that makes the popular Chinese art of Feng Shui interesting, entertaining, and practical. Feng Shui is an ancient art with modern relevance for attracting and guiding beneficial environmental energies to a house and garden so that good luck is attracted to your home and bad luck is avoided. Presenter Jampa Ludrup uses his 15 years of experience in teaching and writing about Feng Shui and is completely free of any particular cultural context

In each of the eight episodes Jampa outlines major aspects of Feng Shui, each with their own ‘Golden Rule’. Each aspect is illustrated with examples from major locations around the world. The first episode is set in the timeless Renaissance city of Florence. With great clarity, Jampa explains why Florence is the best-preserved city in Europe.

Other episodes are set in important places – most of them major cities –London, Paris, Copenhagen, Munich, Monaco, India and the Palace of Versailles. Each place has a Feng Shui story to tell, which is illustrated with practical examples.

Promo and Episodes available.

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